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SHIVON –  Handmade Natural Irish Luxury Soap 

“You deserve it you know you do”    

Welcome to Shivon the Handmade Natural Soap Shop, owned and produced by Siobhan and Kevin Harkin.  Based in Donegal, situated in the northwest peninsula of Ireland, inspired by the beautiful, stunning shoreline, sea and beach.  Handmade in a small workshop by the shore, crafted with love,  care and attention, using the ‘old fashioned, cold process soap making method’.

 Quality Ingredients/Skin Benefits 

*  All our soaps are suitable for Vegan and Vegetarians  (with the exception of  Natural Honey Soap).

When it comes to skin care, our aim is to provide top quality natural soaps made with simple  ingredients, that cleanse, moisturize, and nourish  the skin, so that it appears smooth, soft, and healthier.  Shivon soap is high in natural glycerin, vital for moisturizing and cleansing effectively, forms a rich luxurious, creamy lather.   Its packed full of antioxidant properties that nourish and fight the signs of aging.  Ideal for all skin types because of its non irritating ingredients, soothes dry, sensitive skin and may help problem skin e.g psoriasis, eczema and acne.

We feel its worth the extra cost to source quality ingredients, for better skin care.  We use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil combined with natural additives e.g  hand-harvested Irish Seaweed for its high nutrient content and benefits to skin.   Where possible homegrown botanical extracts are used for exfoliating, adding color and natural scents.  We use poppy seed, flax seed, Irish oats, natural honey, caraway seed, to name but a few that gently exfoliates, removes dead skin cells, rejuvenating your skin so it appears, bright, smooth and soft.  Each bar is lightly scented with variety of therapeutic essential oils, chosen for their aromatherapy benefits and subtle fragrances.

We refuse to load our soaps with nasty chemicals because of the impact on our skin and the environment.  More and more people are becoming aware of the negative effects synthetic  additives have in commercial soap, and for that reason are using natural handmade soap.  Many commercial soap makers tend to remove the glycerin and use it in other cosmetics for resale.

Our soaps are handmade totally from scratch, in small  batches by the traditional, old fashioned, cold process soap making method, (CPSM) taking approximately six weeks to cure.  Shivon Soap is a unique, moisturizing, gentle, cleansing bar, with a lovely silky lather, rich in natural glycerin retained by the CPSM, perfect for all skins types.

Switching to natural handmade soap maybe the answer to your dry or sensitive  skin complaints. So why not experience the difference, and pamper yourself to a yummy bar of your choice, kick start your morning or unwind after a long stressful day with one of Ireland’s luxurious natural soaps.

No Nasty Chemicals

Shivon Soap is paraben-free – NO artificial fragrances, additives, colorants, preservatives, irritants, harmful chemicals are used. We also maintain a cruelty free no testing animal policy – no animal products used with the exception of beeswax/honey.

Every handmade batch of soap is hand cut and is unique, therefore sizes may vary and there may be a slight variation in appearance from batch to batch because of the nature of handmade soaps.  All our bars are hand cut and individually packaged using Eco-friendly, recycled packaging in 100% recycled black and chocolate kraft boxes with natural wood filler, a natural by-product from Aspen Trees, it is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

Produced according to strict EU regulations

Cosmetic Product Safety Assessed:  We are fully safety assessed by a qualified cosmetic chemist and we hold specific cosmetic insurance.

Member of the European Directory of Soap & Cosmetic Makers.

We have enjoyed turning our passion of what initially was a hobby for family and friends into a business.   We love everything about producing these nourishing healthy soaps, because of the positive benefits they can give to your skin.  Enjoy the rejuvenating effect of Shivon Soaps

The information on this site is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals.

Siobhan & Kevin Harkin

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